The right person, at the right time, for the right reason.

In these most rapidly changing times, it is paramount that the Chief Steward of our city’s criminal justice system provide fresh leadership for our District Attorneys’ office.

Teresa Carr Deni is known as a devoted Mom and dedicated family woman, a committed public servant and a stellar jurist.  Her experience makes her a natural choice for Philadelphia District Attorney.

Her Italian American father, Henry, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Teresa’s Irish American mother, Margaret, a Hallahan graduate, raised their 7 children after Henry died at age 47.  All were grateful for the benefits her Dad earned by being a member of the Union at the Pennsylvania Railroad.   Teresa learned early on the importance of hard-work.  Her parents showed her that family comes first – and that’s what lays the foundation for ones’ moral character.  Teresa continues to build upon her parents’ legacy in caring for her family and encouraging them to reach their maximum potential.

In her early adult life, Teresa traveled throughout the United States, including a summer in Puerto Rico, and six months in Europe.  Prior to her legal career, Teresa graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications.  She is an effective and sometimes blunt communicator.  She has a keen sensitivity to the needs of others – and she spent her early adult life fighting for transformative change in civil, lgbtq and women’s rights issues.

These experiences shaped her vision for justice – “the system is only as good as the integrity of the people participating.”  This insight moved her to graduate from the night school class of Temple University School of Law in 1985.   During law school, Teresa was recognized for legal scholarship when she won First Prize in the ASCAP competition.  Her paper, “Copyright and Federal Government” was also published in “Communications and the Law,” and she also was presented with the Spofford Scholarship award.  Her peers acknowledged her leadership skills by twice electing her Class President.  Upon graduation Teresa served in a number of legal capacities within city government in the City Solicitors’ office, the Office of Housing & Community Development and the Board of Revision of Taxes.

Subsequently, Teresa opened her own private practice, which ultimately focused on litigation and criminal defense.  Before long, she became the Chair of the Criminal Justice Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association and thereafter became a member of its Board of Governors.  Teresa was active in the Brehon Law Society, the Justinian Society, and the Pennsylvania Prison Society.

For the past 21 years, Teresa Carr Deni has served honorably as a Judge in the Municipal Court of Philadelphia where she distinguished herself as an honest, fair and thoughtful Jurist.  During her time on the court, Judge Deni has been assigned near 100,000 cases, both criminal and civil, and she took pride in creating a courtroom environment of respect and discipline.  Some colleagues describe her as tough but compassionate.

Teresa’s pride and joy are her two sons, Bill, a high school Senior and Victor, a sixth grader.   Her children are being educated in the Archdiocese schools, as was she.  They belong to Our Lady of Calvary parish.

Teresa Carr Deni’s life and professional experiences qualify her for the task of restoring confidence and respect to the Philadelphia District Attorneys’ office.  She is a no nonsense leader with a balanced temperament. She is indeed the RIGHT PERSON, AT THE RIGHT TIME, FOR THE RIGHT REASON!